What SPA (SPA)

The word SPA comes from the name of a Belgian resort Spa. From the 16th century Spa has become a favorite destination Belgian tourists. Since 17th century the name of the hospital in Britain were called mineral springs, and only in the second half of the twentieth century, the word has acquired a new meaning, now the word of the SPA began to call the Wellness oases in hotels.

Common interpretation of the word Spa as an abbreviation of the Latin phrase sanus per aquam - health through water» is not quite true. Grammar Latin language does not allow this combination, as the word sanus means not «health», «healthy», and if you translate the phrase «health through water» in Latin, get aquae vi sanus, aqua sanatus

Today, the concept SPA is very widely.

SPA is a health complex of treatments using sea, thermal, mineral and fresh water, marine algae, medicinal plants and therapeutic muds, the program of hydrotherapy, the aim of which is the harmony of body, soul and spirit. Also the SPA includes a fitness program, diet programs, regeneration program and the program of rejuvenation of skin of face and body. The word SPA (SPA) also indicate resorts undergoing treatment.

The cost to allocate SPA-complexes, located on the Pacific coast in Asian countries. They are by far the most popular.

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