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SPA and health
08 Of september 2015

On the positive effect of water procedures on the body is known for a long time. Its development the body begins in the aquatic environment, which is very favorable to him. Scientists have proved, that the more often to bathe the baby in the water a little warmer than room temperature, the faster it develops. In water, the skin would like attracts free electrons, in which water is much greater than in air. Swimming is also very useful during the delay, the air in the lungs (which naturally during the voyage), the body charged large amount of carbon dioxide, thus stimulating biosynthesis. While in the water, You enjoy the natural massage of skin and muscles, sweat glands are cleansed, and the skin breathing is activated.

In the water body weight decreased, movement of light and free, the blood circulation improves, the brain receives enough oxygen. An interesting fact was recently discovered by scientists, in fact, that is from birth to six-month-old babies can stay afloat without assistance. And if to train and develop this quality, they will quickly learn to swim than to walk.

Injury, deviations from development, pathology development can be treated in the water. Thanks to the adoption of healing baths and showers, you can avoid problems with respiratory organs, cardiovascular system. In water, we often Harbor breath. Any immersion occurs when the detainee breath. At this point in the blood content raises endorphin - the so-called hormone of happiness. Increases blood levels of carbon dioxide brain vessels dilate, brain nutrition improves. As a result of nerve cells saturated with oxygen, the brain recovers damaged structures.

Spa treatments (baths, swimming pools) provide the stimulation of biologically active points, which on the skin reflects the nervous system. The body needs moisture. Especially useful bath with oils and herbs. In water, the pores open, nutrients faster penetrate into the body, thus, the favorable effect is both outside and inside.

To cleanse the body should be clean and to expand ducts, blood and lymph and the skin pores. From then excreted toxins and harmful substances that are absorbed by water. Especially if You are in the sauna, the pores is especially actively go out toxins and wastes that pollute and poison the body. In the bath after sauna you can add volatile aromatic substances promoting the dissolution of toxins.

Steam room or a sauna is very useful for removing harmful substances from the body. The body is warmed up, opens your pores, is profuse sweating, dissolved in the sweat of harmful substances out of the body through the pores.

Hot tubs are also helping the allocation of harmful substances and toxins from the body. Especially well done hot tubs with decoctions of herbs, menthol (will help You to be in good shape), non-fat milk. Allocation through the skin into the hot tub will be, of course, weaker than the allocation in the steam room, the main highlight is to go through the kidneys. Women with weak kidneys better be cleansed in the steam room and the ladies with skin diseases (allergic, fungus, herpes) it is better to hold water procedures in the bathroom.

Very useful contrast SPA treatments. The combination of cold and warm water in contrast shower helps to change the action of blood flow. The circulation goes to the skin, in the center of the body, all the toxins and waste products will go through the pores. Contrast bath SPA are also good. Usually SPA saloon stand next two bathtubs. In the warm water, which must cover the entire body, when You are in it. In the bath You have to lie about half an hour. The muscles for it's time to relax, body heats up, the pores will open and will improve blood circulation and nutrition of oxygen to the brain. Then with the help of a staff of a SPA salon You move into the tub with cold water and dive in head first. Again, breathing is delayed, the content increases endorphin. The cold bath can not be longer than one minute that the body does not have overcooled, and You catching cold. Throwing on a robe, without drying, make a couple of simple exercises, walk. The body should have the temperature, You don't have to be cold. There is another procedure - contrast circular bath, practiced in the SPA salons. Also standing next two bathtubs. First of temperature water 32-34 degrees. For ten minutes You get into a warm bath, then one minute in the cold. This has to be done three times without interruption. Finish the procedure in cold water. If You prefer to dive into the cool bath whole, try to get in it, wash chest and neck. On the head of it is advisable to wear a bathing cap, so as not to wet hair. Dive into the warm water opens the pores, relaxes the body, immersed in cold water strengthens the muscles and the skin. In a warm bath necessarily added aromatic oils, herbs, sea salt, Dead sea salt. After a contrast shower or bath You will feel fresh and cheerful.

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What SPA (SPA)
08 Of september 2015

The word SPA comes from the name of a Belgian resort Spa. From the 16th century Spa has become a favorite destination Belgian tourists. Since 17th century the name of the hospital in Britain were called mineral springs, and only in the second half of the twentieth century, the word has acquired a new meaning, now the word of the SPA began to call the Wellness oases in hotels.

Common interpretation of the word Spa as an abbreviation of the Latin phrase sanus per aquam - health through water» is not quite true. Grammar Latin language does not allow this combination, as the word sanus means not «health», «healthy», and if you translate the phrase «health through water» in Latin, get aquae vi sanus, aqua sanatus

Today, the concept SPA is very widely.

SPA is a health complex of treatments using sea, thermal, mineral and fresh water, marine algae, medicinal plants and therapeutic muds, the program of hydrotherapy, the aim of which is the harmony of body, soul and spirit. Also the SPA includes a fitness program, diet programs, regeneration program and the program of rejuvenation of skin of face and body. The word SPA (SPA) also indicate resorts undergoing treatment.

The cost to allocate SPA-complexes, located on the Pacific coast in Asian countries. They are by far the most popular.

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